Thank you.

There are so many people to thank for making the first ever Frebella Fest a reality. Thanks to HALEY, The Cactus Blossoms, White Iron Band, We Are the Willows, Little Fevers and Colfax & Friends for their beautiful performances throughout the day. Thanks to Mark Wheat for introducing the show, the artists, the activities and for bringing energy and excitement from the stage. Thanks to our Wellness Camp partners SuNu Wellness, Core Power Yoga, Dissonance, Call to Mind, The Emily Program Foundation and Katie O’Neill’s HOT Art for providing a space to discuss mental health, practice mental wellness and get that creative energy moving. Thanks to our BEST IN CLASS production partners Slamhammer Audio and Tom Campbell for bringing the noise and making Frebella Fest look and sound like a LEGIT music festival! Thanks to our food vendors Bibuta Sushi Burritos, The Herbivorous Butcher, My Burger, Tasty Twins, Big Bell Ice Cream, Coors Light and Fusion Caterers for keeping everyone happy and hydrated. Thanks to ALL our incredible sponsors for their generous donations and support. Thanks to the teams of volunteers that showed up to help out, ensured good vibes and created a welcoming experience for everyone. Finally, thanks to everyone that came to hang out with us. Seeing you all together, sharing laughs, hugs, high fives and a few happy tears was really the point. To share something real, together, and remind us all of the importance of friendship, family and community. Frebella Fest did just that, and it was incredible. Hope to see you again next year.

— Frebella Fest Crew