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Be yourselves.
Be together.
Be free.

Frebella is a music festival where everyone belongs. A place to celebrate the importance of friendship, community and shared experiences while bringing conversations and action around mental health into the light. All proceeds from this year's event support The Emily Program Foundation, a nonprofit working to eliminate eating disorders by empowering prevention, supporting recovery, and advocating for legislative change. 


What’s next for Frebella!

Last year Frebella Fest was pretty dang successful. We raised a ton of awareness for mental wellness and eating disorder prevention, shared good vibes with nearly 900 tickets sold and donated almost $30k to The Emily Program Foundation. We received a ton of positive feedback and everyone involved, including attendees, the bands, Mark Wheat and The Current, our production partners, and all our volunteers were happily surprised by the success of our first year. Funny thing is, we totally winged it!

With that feedback in mind, we've decided to get more organized and really do Frebella Fest right moving forward. To that end, we’ve decided to turn Frebella into a legit non profit which we believe will focus the mission, invite more help, and allow us to make an even bigger impact for mental wellness causes.

While we work on getting the non profit organized, Frebella Fest will be on hiatus for 2019, but will be returning in full swing next year in 2020. 

In the meantime, we’re going to keep the momentum going by hosting events throughout the year to raise awareness and continue to give to a variety of charities which share our mission. 

Our first event, “Picking at the Pavilion” will be an all day concert in Victoria, Sept 14th, with some amazing boot stomping bands, great food and fun with the goal of continuing our mission to raise awareness and funds for causes we care deeply for. 

This is the beginning of something big and hope you join us on our journey.

— Frebella Fest Crew


2018 Line Up

Main Stage


The Cactus Blossoms

White Iron Band

We Are The Willows

Little Fevers

Mark Wheat - MC

Pavilion Stage

Colfax & guests!


Want to go to Frebella Fest for FREE? Sign-up to VOLUNTEER!

Get free admission, a free event t-shirt, and endless high-fives when you volunteer at Frebella you can feel extra warm and fuzzy knowing event proceeds benefit The Emily Program Foundation.

Getting to Frebella Fest

Lions Park
1601 82nd St,
Victoria, MN 55386

Street parking is available near Lions Park, but if you want to guarantee a good place without any hassle, we will be running TWO shuttle buses from the nearby Victoria Recreation Center at 8475 Kochia Ln, Victoria, MN 55386. The rec center is only 1 mile away and busses will be running continuously throughout the event starting at 10:30am.

VIP Parking is available onsite at Lions Park. Look for signs!!


2018 Sponsors




Friends of Frebella

About The Emily Program Foundation

The Emily Program Foundation, a nonprofit charity based in the Twin Cities, works to eliminate eating disorders through its community programs and services. They empower prevention, support recovery, and advocate for legislative change. The Foundation strives to reduce the stigma of eating disorders by sharing people’s stories of struggle, strength, and hope. Learn more about eating disorders, The Emily Program Foundation, and if needed, resources for yourself or a loved one at

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